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List of Uncyclopedias
UnM = Uncyclomedia wikis, 55 (~67%) - * (4 servers)
Ind = Independent wikis, 5 (~5%) - various (local) hosts

Wikia = Wikia wikis, 19 (~25%) - commercial wiki farm

Code Farm Uncyclopedia Language Country Pages URL
af UnM Niesiklopedia Afrikaans South Africa 5
ar Wikia اللاموسوعة العربية Arab 868
ast Wikia Nunyepedia Asturianu Asturias 59
bar Ind Stupidedia Boarisch Austria 22412
be UnM Паўдурапедыя Беларуская Belarus 36
bg UnM Оксипедия Български Bulgaria 181
bn UnM আনসাইক্ল
বাংলা Bangladesh 12
bs UnM Neciklopedija Bosanski Bosnia 27
ca Wikia Valenciclopèdia Català Andorra 663
cmn zh-tw UnM 偽基百科 正體中文 Taiwan 5720
cs Wikia Necyklopedie Česky Czechia 2838
cy UnM Celwyddoniadur Cymraeg Wales 102
da Wikia Spademanns Leksikon Dansk Denmark 7240
de Wikia Deutsch Germany 5978
dlm UnM Neciklopedija Dalmacija Dalmatia 7
el Wikia Φρικηπαίδεια Ελληνικά Greece 2737
en Ind Uncyclopedia English England
eo Wikia Neciklopedio Esperanto Esperanto 2784
es Wikia Inciclopedia Español Spain 10392
et UnM Ebatsüklopeedia Eesti Estonia 96
Code Farm Uncyclopedia Language Country Pages URL
fa UnM نانشنامه فارسی Iran 920
fi UnM Hikipedia Suomi Finland 7614
fo UnM Ikkipedia Føroyskt Faroe Islands 1
fr Wikia Désencyclopédie Français France 8364
fy UnM Unsyklopedy Frysk Friesland 22
ga UnM Frithchiclipéid Gaeilge Ireland 17
gl UnM Desgalipedia Galego Galicia 2509
got UnM Unsaiklopedia 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺‬ Goths 13
grc UnM Κακαπαιδεια Ἀρχαία ἑλληνικὴ Attica 8
he Wikia אנציקלופדיה עברית Israel 2252
hr UnM Neciklopediju Hrvatski Croatia 284
hu UnM Unciklopédia Magyar Hungary 1634
hy UnM Անգրագ
Հայերեն‬ Armenia 24
id Wikia Tolololpedia Bahasa Indonesia Indonesia 3931
ie UnM Ninciclopedia Interlingue Europe 4
io UnM Neciklopedio Ido World 26
is UnM Ekkipedia Íslenska Iceland 7
it Wikia Nonciclopedia Italiano Italy 13518
ja UnM アンサイクロペディア 日本語 Japan 18180
jv Wikia Ndhablek Basa Jawa Java 11
Code Farm Uncyclopedia Language Country Pages URL
ka UnM ანციკლ
ქართული Georgia 37
km UnM ភាសាខ្មែរ Cambodia 1
ko Ind 백괴사전 한국어‬ South Korea 5895
la Wikia Necyclopædia / Uncapædia Latina Vatican City 245
lb UnM Kengencyclopedia Lëtzebuergesch Luxembourg 7
li UnM Kwatsjpedia Limburgs Limburgs 21
lo UnM ວິກິພີເດຍ ລາວ Laos 4
lt UnM Juokopedija Lietuvių Lithuania 266
lv UnM Neciklopēdija Latviešu Latvia 152
mg UnM Hatsiklopedia Malagasy Madagascar 7
mk UnM Нециклопедија Македонски Macedonia 122
mn UnM Анциклопедиа Монгол Mongolia 205
mo UnM Uichipedia / Neciclopedia Молдовеняскэ Moldova 78
ms UnM Bodohpedia Bahasa Melayu Malaysia 96
mwl UnM Çciclopédia Mirandés Miranda do Douro 140
nds Ind Kamelopedia Plattdüütsch BRD 14395
nl UnM Oncyclopedia Nederlands Low Countries 2599
nn UnM Ikkjepedia Norsk (nynorsk)‬ Norway 575
no UnM Ikkepedia Norsk (bokmål)‬ Norway 3993
oc UnM Oisquipèdia Occitan Occitania 28
Code Farm Uncyclopedia Language Country Pages URL
pl Wikia Nonsensopedia Polski Poland 16666
pt UnM Desciclopédia Português Brazil 45286
ro UnM Neciclopedie Română Romania 107
ru Ind Абсурдопедия Русский Russia 4282
sco UnM Scotypedia Scots Scotland 8
simple UnM Simple English Uncyclopedia Simple English Oceania 170
sk Wikia Necyklopedia Slovenčina Slovakia 1692
sl UnM Butalopedija Slovenščina Slovenia 23
sr UnM Нециклопедија Српски / Srpski Serbia 414
su Wikia Goblogpedia Basa Sunda Sunda 11
sv UnM Psyklopedin Svenska Sweden 2244
th UnM ไร้สาระนุกรม ไทย Thailand 2808
tl UnM Pekepedia Tagalog Philippines 244
tlh UnM ghItlh'a'pedia tlhIngan Hol Qo'noS 10
tr UnM Yansiklopedi Türkçe Turkey 610
Code Farm Uncyclopedia Language Country Pages URL
uk UnM Інциклопедія Українська Ukraine 1138
vls UnM Kweenipedia West-Vlams Flanders 37
yi Wikia קיינציקלאָפעדיע יידיש Yiddish 44
yue zh-hk UnM 偽基百科 香港語 Hong Kong 5720
zea UnM Oncypedie Zeêuws Zeêland 82
zh Wikia 伪基百科 汉语 China 5615
zombie UnM Zombiepedia Zombie Temple 11
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