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Block City Wars is a pixelated third person shooter single-player, multi-player, open world mobile game developed by D-Games Apps. It is free to play on the App Store and the Play Store. This game has currently over 500,000+ downlaods and a rating of 4.4 in the Google Play Store


File:Block city wars gameplay.png
Block City Wars single player gameplay.

There are variety of skins to choose from and players will be able to export their skin to Minecraft on a .jpg file. There are plenty upgradable vehicles and weapons to choose. There are enemies you will be able to kill on the game. This game is available with multiplayer so a player will be able to play with other players worldwide. Players will be able to add other players in their friend list to chat with. There are two camera angles to choose from: third person mode or first person mode. However, the first person view is not available when driving a vehicle.

Here are the game modes of the game:

- Rocket Ball:

This mode is related to the video game Rocket League where a player must score by kicking the ball with your vehicle. The first team to get higher points wins.

- Cops & Robbers:

Players in the cop team must try not to let the players in the robber team let free in the jail.

- Free Battle:

This mode has no rules. All players have to do is to kill other players to gain respect points but the respect points gets reduced every time the player dies.

- Team Battle:

The first team that scores higher kills wins.

- Single Missions:

Offline mode for the game. Let's you explore the world and do missions.

- Zombie Rush:

Players on the human team must survive while the players in the zombie team must infect the players in the human team.

- Sky Block:

The player steal blocks on the oppenent to build a bridge towards the championship's cup. The first one that capture the champion's cup wins.

- Street Racing:

The player must win races in various tracks with the other players.

- Tank Clash:

A team who sabotage more tank wins.

There are two gamemodes in this game that haven't gave description yet.

- Pixelmon - Titanfall

In the 6.4.7 update, giant robots are now available for sale packed with guns and cars are now upgradable unlike the previous updates.


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