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Template:Article for deletion/dated Azhar Maqsusi (born 1979) is a person from Hyderabad has launched a daily free-food camp under the Chanchalguda flyover and they live under the shade of Dabeer Pura Bridge, he started this program past three years ago and continued till today without a single day off in this span of three years, he is the sole person bearing the expenses out of his hard earned income. Many T.V channels interviewed him and enquired, what made him to feel for the poor and homeless masses to feed regularly, he responded with humbleness and sincerity gesture that, he knows the hunger and he himself felt the pain of being Hungry.

“My father died when I was four years old and my mother struggled a lot to raise me and my siblings. I know what it is like to sleep hungry," he says. Azhar immediately gave away the food he was carrying home to the lady.